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How to Create and Publish a Phishing Simulation - Step 4 (Target)

The fourth step in creating a Phish is setting the Target options:


The Target area allows you to schedule your Phishing Simulation by setting a date and time, and by choosing your targeted users. 


  • UTC: This allows you to choose the relevant time zone from the drop-down menu. The system will automatically determine Daylight Savings for you.
  • Start Date: This is the Date and Time on which the first run of the simulation will occur - adjusted depending on the selected time zone. Once the Start Date has passed, updating targets will be disabled.
  • Random Targeting: Opting for this will allow the system to randomly target phish emails to a selected percentage of your chosen users.
  • Stagger: For further instructions on how to set up the 'Stagger' option, please refer to article: Set Up a Staggered Schedule for Phish
  • Set the End Date, Delivery Hours and Delivery Days.
  • Target Search: Simply select the users within the target area who are to receive the Phishing Simulation.