How to create and publish a phishing simulation - Step 4 (Learning Experience)

The fourth step in creating a phish is adding in the Learning Experience.


The Learning Experience functionality offers the on-point training which the user will receive if they either click, enter data into a form or download the embedded attachment. 

There are 4 types of Learning Experience: 

  • HTML
  • Video
  • PDF
  • Upload your own PDF Learning Experiences 


Some of the HMTL Learning Experiences can be customised, and the following article explains how to do this: How to customise an HTML Learning Experience

  • If you choose to customise an HTML Learning Experience, you also have the option to embed a Nano video within it; simply select Attach Nano.



2. Video

You can include one of our Nano videos as part of the Learning Experience by selecting the 'Video' option:


  • Either choose Select to add the video, or Preview to watch in advance.


3. PDF

To opt for a PDF Learning Experience, simply select PDF:


  • Now, choose the 'Select' button. (If you wish to preview the Learning content, simply select the 'Preview' button.)


4. Upload your own PDF Learning Experiences 

This article explains how to upload your own PDF Learning Experiences: Can I upload my own Learning Experiences?


Company Logo

The Company Logo used within the simulation can be changed to your organisation's own corporate logo by choosing Select File (top of Learning Experience).

Button Text

This is a mandatory field and must be populated with text. The inputted text is what users will see at the end of the Learning Experience as they click to show they have completed the content. 


Please note: Some elements outlined above are not currently available when sending a phish in multiple languages.

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