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How Do I Add Custom Attributes (End Users & Administrators)?

MyCompliance allows you to create up to 5 Custom Attributes for Email and Federated Users to add into the user's account.

Selecting End Users & Administrators provides the ability to add single select drop-down options as Custom Attributes to user accounts.

If the Data Validation Form has been enabled, the drop-down options, along with Question text, will be presented to end users at the start of every direct access course and will allow them to validate/update their information if required.

For more information on the Data Validation Form, please see the following article: Custom Attributes - What Does Data Validation Do?


  • To create Custom Attributes, navigate to User Management > Custom Attributes > End Users & Administrators, and then navigate to the bottom of the page.


  • From here, an Administrator can view any created Custom Attributes or create new ones by clicking the 'Add Custom Attributes' button, entering a name, question title, add options and save the new entry.



  • There is also the option to Edit or Delete these fields from the 'Actions' column.


Note: If content has been assigned to users, based on a Custom Attribute filter, then this cannot be deleted.

When a Custom Attribute has been created, it will be visible in the User Management section when adding a new user; they can also appear to users before completing a direct access course if the Data Validation Form has been enabled. 

Custom Attributes will be mandatory fields that the Admin user must complete when creating a new user: