MyCompliance Teams App - What will Learning customers find on the app?

The MyCompliance Teams App provides an alternative method for end users to review and complete their assigned Courses, with no requirement to log directly in to the MyCompliance platform.

What will I see on the Teams app? 

Within the 'Compliance' area (left-hand side), you will have access to our 'Training' tile:


  • Selecting this option will give you access to any Courses that you have been targeted with.


  • By selecting View, you will then be taken to your relevant training: 


  • Please note: SCORM courses cannot be viewed via the Teams App, and courses of this type will not be available to users on the MyCompliance Teams App 1.0.
  • In such cases, users should navigate to the MyCompliance platform to access and complete their SCORM Courses.
  • However, the latest MyCompliance Teams App 2.0 offers the ability to access SCORM courses via Teams; once selected, users will be directed to the MyCompliance platform to complete these.
  • Please don't hesitate to speak to your MetaCompliance representative about upgrading to the latest version.
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