MetaLearning 6.0 - Can I edit a Fusion Course once it’s been sent to users?

It is not possible to edit a Course once you have selected the 'Finish' option on a Fusion Template.

You can, however, take a 'Copy' of the relevant template and implement any required updates on this version.

  • Navigate to Learning > Fusion Template Creation.
  • Under the 'Course Templates' section, select Your Templates and locate the course you would like to copy.


  • Click View to open the Course within the flowbuilder and, once the course has opened, select Copy.


  • If you have previously used this template in a course that has been published to end users, the system will alert you. This prompt is to advise that a version of this course is currently 'live' to end users.

At this point, you now have the option to either archive the course, i.e. taking it permanently out of circulation for all end users, or to just create a new copy and allow the existing version to remain active to end users.


  • Once you have selected Create Copy, a new course will now appear in an editable format. You can update the course as required at this point.
  • If you are adding new languages to the existing template, ensure that the content is currently available in your required languages. If not, the system will highlight the affected content.
  • At this point, you should either upload the content in the required languages or remove that element from your course.


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