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MetaLearning 6.0 - Adding Policies to Fusion Courses

Policies can be added to Fusion courses to help support the course material & to obtain policy attestation from your users.

Using the upgraded MetaLearning Elements Library, you can browse the available content, add this to your course as required, and now upload your own company policies.

Follow the steps outlined within the following article to begin the course creation - MetaLearning 6.0 - Creating a Fusion Course

  • When you are ready to add your policy, select the 'Add Learning Elements' option within the relevant section on your course.


  • Next, select Policy under the available Elements:


  • Once selected, you will have the option to select any pre-uploaded policies or to upload a new policy.
    • Note: Only those policies uploaded via MetaLearning can be viewed using this method. Policies uploaded via the 'Policy' module cannot be linked to a Fusion Course.


  • If the required policy has been previously uploaded, then you can now select the 'Add' option to insert this into your Course.


  • If the policy has not been previously uploaded, then you can follow the steps below to add this:
    • Select Add Policy:


    • To add your policy, enter the relevant information into the required fields:


  1. Name: Enter the Policy Name to help users understand what the policy relates to.
  2. Description: Enter the Policy Description to help your Administrators understand the purpose of the policy.
  3. Participation Points: These are awarded to users when they successfully complete their required content. You can assign points to any user who successfully reviews and attests to this policy.
  4. Choose Language: Select the relevant language the policy has been created in.
  5. Keywords: Enter any relevant keywords linked to the policy.
  6. Categories: Select the relevant Category that the policy relates to.
  7. Translated Name: When adding policies in multiple languages, the 'Name', 'Participation Points' and 'Category' must remain the same across all languages. However, the 'Translated Name' option allows you to enter the Policy Name in the relevant language. If you are only using one language, then you can copy the Policy Name from the 'Name' field into the 'Translated Name'.
  8. Upload File: Locate the relevant policy PDF document and select Upload.
  9. Image: You have the option to upload an image that relates to the policy, or you can keep the preselected image.

Once you have populated all relevant fields, select Add Media to upload your policy into Fusion.


  • If you have not chosen to upload your own policy image, you will be asked to confirm that you accept the default image.


  • Click Confirm to proceed. Your policy will now be uploaded to the Elements Library.


  • To add the policy into your Course, select Add followed by Done.


  • Before you finish the Course, you must assign a 'Policy Button' to your policy to obtain your users' attestation to it.
    • Select the Add/ Edit Policy Button(s) to proceed.


  • As you can upload policies in multiple languages, you can also add the Policy acceptance options in the corresponding language for your users.
    • To add each button, select the required language.


  • Enter the text that should appear to the end user on the Policy button/s. (Only one button is required; however, you have the option to add a second if needed.)


  • Once complete, click Save.
  • Continue with your Course creation, and when ready, click Finish to complete and publish the course to users.