What information will I find within a Learning Audit Report?

When you access the Audit report for a Learning course, you can access a range of different information to display within your report.

By clicking on Column Visibility (see below) you can access the following fields:



 Name:  End user's full name.
 Email:  End user's email address.
 Department:  Department associated with user's profile, e.g. Marketing, Finance.
 User Status:  If the user is active or inactive.
 Course Name:  Name given to the Fusion Course.
 Version:  The version of the course in Learning in Progress.
 Status:  If the user has completed or not completed the course.
 Timestamp:  The date the user completed the course.
 Percentage Complete:  How much of the course the user has completed (%).
 Points:  Participation Points achieved from the elements of the course.
 Course Type:  The type of course created, Fusion, SCORM etc.
 Recurring Annually:  If 'Recur on Anniversary' has been enabled in Course Publish.
 User Type:  How the user was provisioned (SCIM, Ad, Email).
 Sub Group:  The group the user has been assigned to.
 MetaEngage:  If this feature is enabled, displays as 'TRUE' or 'FALSE'.
 Campaign Name:  Name of the Campaign through which the course was scheduled.
 Supervisor:  Information associated with the user's profile.
 Supervisor's Manager:  Information associated with the user's profile.
 Enrolment Date:  The date the user was first targeted.
 Actions:  This field will give you the option to mark a user as 'Completed'.
 Send Count:  The number of email reminders received by the user.
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