What information can be viewed within a Phish Audit Report?

When you access the Audit report for a phish, you can access a range of different information to display within that report.

By clicking on Column Visibility (see below) you can access the following fields.


The following fields can be included:

Name: End User's full name.
Email: End User's email address.
Department: End user's department associated with profile, e.g. Marketing, Finance.
User Status: Whether the user is active or inactive.
Phish Name: Name given to the Phish within Phish Creation.
Phish Template: Template chosen by the Admin within Phish Creation.
Date Opened: Date the Phish Mail was first opened.
Clicked: If the user clicked on the link.
Click Count: How many times the user clicked the link.
Data Entry: If the user submitted data in the Available Forms.
Attachment Opened: If the user clicked on the email attachment.
Learning Experience: Name of the Learning Experience selected by Admin.
Learning Action: If the user accepted the experience, this is the ‘Button Text’.
Time in Learning: How long the user stayed in the Learning Experience.
Date of Actions: Date the user accepted the Learning Experience.
IP Address: Collected from the user's device upon clicking.
OS: Operating System used by the user (Macintosh, Android, PC).
User Type: How the user was provisioned (SCIM, Ad, Email).
Sub Group: Group to which the user has been assigned.
Campaign Name: Name of the Campaign through which the phish was scheduled.
Supervisor: Information associated with the user's profile.
Supervisor's Manager: Information associated with the user's profile.
Version: Version of the phish.
Delivery Status: Whether the phish was delivered or undelivered.
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