Which reports can be used for SCORM courses?

SCORM courses can be sent from the MyCompliance LMS, but can also be exported and housed in an alternative LMS if required.

Reports for SCORM courses are viewable within MyCompliance on the following reports. (These reports are available for SCORM courses that have been both imported and exported.)

  • Overview Report: This is a breakdown of all the courses created on the platform, listing course name, date published, what status they're currently in (Published/Archived), the number/percentage of users who have both completed/uncompleted, and the option to view individual course audits.
  • Audit Report: These are end-user focused, giving the name, email, department, supervisor/manager etc. of the target. Further information can be expanded or reduced, as necessary, to include the name and version of the course the user was sent and if/when they completed it.
  • Adoption: This provides an overview of the completion or otherwise of all courses across the platform, as well as for each individual course. You also have the option to gather the same data from the specific content which was used within the course(s).

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