How to create and publish a phishing simulation - Step 2 (Phish Content)

'Phish Content' is the second step in creating your phish.

  • Navigate to Phish Content > Email Details


Within this area, there are three options available: 

  1. Phish Templates
  2. Create Your Own Phish
  3. Customise a Phish Template

1. Phish Template Option

If you wish to use the MetaCompliance prepopulated email templates, and don't intend making any changes to the template, then select Phish Templates within 'Email Type': 


  • Select Choose Template


  • Next, click Select this email:


  • Now, select Save and Close:


2. Create Your Own Phish Option 

This article explains the steps involved in Creating your own Phish Template

3. Customise a Phish Template

This article explains how to Customise a Phish Template


Multiple Templates

This is an optional feature, and the following article explains how this can be added to your phishing simulation.

The below fields will automatically populate for the Phish Template and Customise a Phish Template options. (Note that these fields can also be edited.)


Attach Form Data

A data form can be added to a phishing simulation to test if users enter any sensitive information. (Please refer to the following for further guidance: Add a data form to a phish)

Send Me a Copy 

This feature will allow Admins to send a copy of the simulation, for preview purposes only, to their own inboxes. Any links within the 'Send me a copy' email will not be interactive. 


*Some elements noted above are not currently available when sending a phish in multiple languages.

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