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How to Customise & Change the Logo for Available Forms

A lot of MyCompliance users like the ability to add a logo to the 'Available Forms' option to make the form look more professional and more likely to provoke a response from the end user.

The difference in the two forms below is clear to see, with the second example having more impact and being more of a tailored fit.


  • To customise the form alongside changing the logo to suit your organisation, simply click on the 'Preview/Edit Form' button.


Customisation to the form can be completed within here, e.g. updating text.

  • To add a logo, click the 'Picture' icon>'Upload' tab and select the logo from your machine via Choose File.
  • Next, click Send it to the Server. You may need to resize the width and height of the image to ensure it fits into the form.
  • Click OK>Save