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Email-Based Users: How to remove a user from a Group

For Email-based users, including Federated users, all user management is completed within your tenant. (See articles What is an 'Email-Based User'? and What is a 'Federated User'? for further information.)

Users can be in more than one group at any given time, and you can manually Add/Remove users as needed; please see How to Create User Groups for further guidance on this.

However, it is important to note the User Group Limitations below: 


Log in to the platform and toggle from End User View to Admin View


A. To move a User from one group to another, navigate to User Management > User Groups


  • You will now see separate sections for 'Users' and 'Groups', and will also have the ability to search for individual users by name within each section.
  • To add a user to a group, please see How to Manually Add a User to a Group 

B. To remove a user from a group, search for the user within the Groups (using the Search Bar).


  • Expand the Target tree to view 'All Users' within each group, and select the user you wish to remove.
  • Click on Delete Selected Item


  • Click Confirm on the pop-up notification: 


  • Select Save Changes