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MetaLearning 6.0 - How Do I Create a Fusion Course?

Administrators can create their own Fusion course with various elements of interactivity, eLearning videos, policies and quizzes. This can include both MetaCompliance training materials and your own policies, PDFs or videos. You can even convert PowerPoint presentations and add these to a Fusion course!

  • To create, navigate to Learning>Fusion Template Creation>Create.


  • You will now be directed to the updated Fusion landing page where you can create your new 'Fusion Template'. You can also review any Fusion Templates in 'Draft', 'Published', 'Create' or 'System' state via this page as required.

Create Fusion Template


  • To create a new 'Fusion Template', select Create New Course Template.


Flowbuilder & Fusion Media Library

MetaLearning 6.0 introduces a Flowbuilder view as shown below:


  • Review the available Intro videos by refining your Sort and Filter criteria, or navigate the full list to locate your preferred option.


  • To add an Intro to your Fusion Template, select the 'Add+' option on the preferred Intro video. The selected Intro will now be highlighted in blue, and a 'Remove' option has also been added.


  • To view the 'Flowbuilder' to preview your Fusion Template at any time, just select the 'Done' option on the Fusion Media Library page.


  • The selected Intro will now begin to populate on the Flowbuilder:


  • To add a Nano(s) to your Fusion Template, select the '+ All Learning Elements' option again, and select Nano.


  • All available Nano videos will now be visible within the 'Fusion Media Library' for selection. To help you make your selection, there are several options available:


  1. Learning Element: A list of available elements that can be added to your course.
  2. Sort: Allows you to reorder all media in alphabetical order, or by newest to oldest. This is useful when you would like to view what new Nano videos have been recently released.
  3. Search: Search for specific titles or keywords.
  4. Role: Refine your search based on media related to a specific role within your organisation.
  5. Risk: Refine your search based on current Risks that you would like to train your users on.
  6. Threat: This field relates to the Risk option above. Once a Risk has been selected, the related Threats will appear to help you further refine your search.
  7. Difficulty Level: Depending on the audience you are creating the course for, you can refine the media by viewing everything in the Easy, Average or Difficult categorisation.
  8. Languages: Languages selected during the Template set phase will be displayed here; however, you can update these within the Fusion Media Library as required.
    • The library will automatically update as languages are adjusted so that you can view what is available in your selected languages.
    • As you add more languages to your criteria, you may see the volume of elements reduce.
  9. View Quiz: This option will allow you to view the Quiz that is related to the selected Nano. If you would like to include the embedded Quiz within your Fusion Template, select the Include Quiz option linked to the Nano on the Flowbuilder page.

  10. 'Play' Icon: Select this to view the Nano before adding this to your Fusion Template.
  11. 'Items' Label: This will update to display the number of available elements depending on what you have selected within the 'Sort and Filter' panel.

  12. Preview Language: Prior to adding Nanos to your Fusion Template, you can select your preferred Preview Language to view the Nano in that selected language.

  • Drag and drop the required Elements to reorder these within the Fusion Template if required.

Additional Learning Elements 

  1. Interactions: These include interactive segments/quizzes that can be embedded into your Fusion Template to help keep the user engaged whilst completing the course.
    • Please note that there are limitations when playing Interactions on mobiles and Teams.
  2. Custom: Use this option to add your own videos into to the Fusion Template. These will then play alongside any of the MetaCompliance elements that you select.
  3. Policy: Upload your key Company Policies to support the messaging within the course. Users must read and attest to the Policy before they can complete the course.
  4. Communication: Upload any relevant PDF documents as a Communication element and embed these within the Fusion template for users to review.
  5. Encouragement: Upload any relevant PDF documents as an Encouragement element, or select one that has been prepopulated to keep your users engaged throughout the course.
  6. Quiz: Test your users' understanding of the course material by asking your own questions either throughout the course or at the end.

Fusion Template Actions

You have the option to 'Save', 'Preview' or 'Finish' the Fusion Template at any time using the options at the top right of the Flowbuilder:


  • Save: Use this option to save your progress whilst you are in the creation phase of the Fusion Template.
  • Preview: Selecting this option will enable you to view the Fusion Template as an end user in a Course format. This can help you to confirm if all the selected Elements are relevant and in the correct order. You can quickly return to your Fusion Template whilst it is in a Draft state to make any required changes.
  • Finish: Once you have added all the required elements to your Fusion Template, you can proceed to finish the creation process.
    • Before you publish the Fusion Template as a Course, confirm if you would like to add a Pre-Test to your course.
      • A Pre-Test is a further optional element that can be added and presented to your targeted users. If a user passes the Pre-Test, then they are not required to complete the course.

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