When does the 'Email' button in the Content in Progress tables change from 'Send Email' to 'Email Report'?

The Content In Progress tables contain an 'Email' tab which shows a number of different email states, e.g. 'Send Email' and 'Email Report'.

As an admin, you will have the option to publish a policy/course without triggering the notification email.

  • At this point, and prior to sending any notifications, the email button linked to the policy/course within the Progress table will appear as 'Send Email'.
    • This button allows the admin to control when they would like to release the notification email to the targeted users.


  • However, once the notification email has been sent, the button will update to 'Email Report':


This button provides the admin with the following useful information:

  • confirmation of users who have completed the content;
  • outstanding users;
  • the number of notification emails received per user;
  • date of completion.

For further information on Email Notifications, please refer to the following article:

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