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How Can I Remove the Policy Action Button Requirement for End Users?

A Policy action button requirement is intended to confirm user understanding/compliance. However, some organisations prefer a softer approach when delivering Policies to their staff.

Rather than enforcing compliance via the available 'action button' feature, they prefer to simply make the documents available to their staff via the My Compliance Library.

When publishing a policy/document via the Policy Creation area, the Admin will need to include at least one action button for a user to click:


However, as long as the Admin does not target users via the 'Target' tab, and instead clicks on 'Publish', the Policy/document will be uploaded to the My Compliance Library area without the included action button.

This results in the user seeing only one button that will allow them to navigate back to the Library main screen:


For further information on Policy creation, please see article: How to Create a Policy