How to add multiple quizzes to a course

There are 2 ways to add multiple quizzes to a course, i.e. either via a Pre-made Quiz or by using the Custom Quiz option. Both of these are laid out in the steps below.

Method 1: Adding a Pre-made Quiz

In many of our Nano videos, you will notice an Include Quiz? option. When available, ticking this box results in you being able to have as many quizzes as videos within your course.

Method 2: Adding a Custom Quiz

In a slightly different approach to using the pre-made course, you can also create your own Custom Quiz.

If opting for this method, please note:

  • You are limited to having 1 Custom Quiz per section; so, if your course only consists of one section, you can only have one quiz related to that.
  • To include more than one Custom Quiz in your course, you need to select Add Section.


  • You can add a maximum of 10 sections to a Fusion course, meaning you can also have up to 10 Custom quizzes in that course.
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