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How Do I Add My Own Communication Within a Fusion Course?

To upload a Communication, and have it available within the 'Communication' section within Fusion Course Creation, please follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to Admin Home>Learning>Content Creation:



Enter the following details:

  • 'Media Type': PDF
  • 'PDF Type': Communication
  • Enter the 'Name' & 'Description' of the Communication. (Include Translated Name, if applicable.)
  • Choose the relevant language.
  • Enter 'Keywords' to help search within the MyCompliance Library.
  • 'Upload File': Select the relevant Communication.
  • 'Category': Assign this to the relevant category.
  • 'Upload Image': Select the appropriate file, and choose an image relevant to Communication.
  • Once completed, select Upload (top right-hand corner) to make the Policy available within the Fusion Template Creation 'Communication' drop-down. (See example below.)