How to customise an HTML Learning Experience

Customising an HTML Learning Experience can be easily achieved within 'Phish Creation' by navigating to the 'Learning Experience' tab.

  • Select HTML within the 'Filter by Type' tab.


  • Next, select the required HTML.


  • Once the HTML has been chosen, click on Copy HTML:


  • Next, select Create Your Own Learning Experience:


  • The HTML will then appear in the body of the Learning Experience and can now be edited and customised. 

Note: The HTML Learning Experience can be edited/customised to themes, such as Wannacry, You've Been Phished, Watching You, Stay Safe Online, Something Phishy, Shark Phishing, Sear the Phish, How 'Phish Prone' Are You?, Phishing Alert, Online Con Game, I Prefer Phish, Phishing Lure, and Don't Get Hooked.

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