How can I reuse a phish that I've previously created and published?

To reuse a phish that has already been created, access your chosen phish by navigating to Products > Phishing > Phishing in Progress.

  • Select View Phish under the 'Actions' column of the phish you have created and which you wish to reuse.
  • Once this phish opens, locate the 'Email' tab, and select the 'Source' button - found on the toolbar of the email.


  • Once this has been selected, it will appear in copiable form - see below.
  • Note: You must have another tab open, i.e. a blank template under 'Create Your Own Phish’ on the 'Email' tab, and have selected the 'Source' button on this window - as shown above.


  • Simply copy this text and paste it into an already opened NEW blank 'Create Your Own Phish’ simulation on the other opened tab.
  • Once the text has been pasted, hit the 'Source' button again to generate the original email.
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