New Phish Templates June 2022

We have extended the languages for some of our commonly used Phish and added complementary 'Red Flags' to our Learning Experiences (LE) in order to deliver consistent Phish across a wide userbase. As part of our ongoing commitment, we will be making more of these available in the coming months.

In June '22, we released the following Phish and LE:

  • Google - Unusual Sign-In Attempt
  • Microsoft File-Share
  • Reset Password
  • Microsoft Updates

We have also translated these Phish and LEs into the below languages:


We have also created additional Phish templates based on current events and offers. These will be available on the 27th of June:

  • Commonwealth Games - Available in English. 
  • Norton Bill - Available in Danish, Dutch, English, English US, French (EU), German, and Spanish (EU).
  • Premier League In-Play Bet - Available in Dutch, English, French (EU), German, and Spanish (EU).
  • National Ice Cream Day - Available in English US. 
  • e-Books - Danish, English.


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