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Can I Edit Saved Incident Reports?

You can edit previously saved reports which will, in effect, overwrite the previous report data. If you would like to create a report based on an updated version, and keep the previously saved report, then you will need to create a brand new report. 

Before proceeding, please refer to article 'How Can I Find/View Previously Saved Incident Reports?' on how and where to find your saved reports, and then continue with the steps below.

Once you are in the saved report, you are now able make any necessary changes. Please refer to article 'How to Filter, Customise and Export Reported/Existing Incidents' on how to do so. (This will also show you how to create a brand new report.)

  • Once you have made any necessary changes to your previously saved report, you can save the changes by clicking Save


  • A pop-up will appear informing you that you are about to overwrite the information in the saved report. Your changes will be updated once you click Confirm.



  • If you would like to go back and make any further, necessary edits, then click Cancel.
  • If you do not want to save any of your edits after clicking 'Cancel', simply navigate to anywhere outside of the Incident Report in the platform.
  • Please note: Once you choose Save and Confirm, your edits will take effect.