How to filter, customise and export reported/existing Incidents

  • To carry out filtering and exporting etc., select Reporting > Incident > Incident Reporting from the left-hand navigation bar:


This will bring you to the 'Reporting' section from where you can filter, customise and export any/all incidents reported.

  • Select your register name from the Main Register drop-down section, and any other related register as you see fit for reporting purposes. 
  • Click Show Table to bring up all the incidents contained within those registers selected.
  • Enter a Report Name for exporting and saving purposes (outlined below).


Next Steps

  • To customise what information you would like to see for each incident, click the 'Show/Hide Columns' button.


  • This will then open a pop-up allowing you to select which information you would like to see/export. Those options highlighted in green are the columns which will be visible in your report.


  • You can filter by a specific column and specific order within one column at one time only, using the arrow selections beside each column title:


  • You can then go one step further by selecting only the relevant detail by clicking on the drop-down menu under each column heading, for example:


  • At this point, you can export the report in your chosen format by clicking the 'CSV' or 'Excel' button; your customised report will then download.
  • To save the report to view at a later stage, simply select Save.


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