How to edit an Incident assessment

In order to edit an Incident assessment, go to Settings > Incident > Assessment Creator.

  • This will bring you to the Existing Templates section; click on Edit in the 'Actions' column beside the template that you would like to edit.


  • You can now edit multiple parts of the assessment template. Don't forget to click Save before exiting to ensure your changes take effect.


1. Renaming the Template or a particular Section

  • Click on Rename, and then either Section or Template:


2.  Add in a new Section or Question

  • Click on Add, and then either Section or Question:


3. Remove a Section that you have previously added

  • Click on Remove Section. Please note that you cannot remove the default/original section created by MetaCompliance, but you can edit its content/name.


4. Edit a question within a Section

  • Click on to the particular Section from the left-hand menu selection: 


  • This will bring up every question contained in this section. Click on the 'Edit' button (shown as a 'Pencil' icon) beside the question you would like to edit:


  • A pop-up will appear allowing you to edit the selected question.
  • Once you have edited accordingly, click Update for the changes to apply. The pop-up will then disappear allowing you to continue editing any other section. 


5. Change the order in which the questions are presented

  • Hover over the question you would like to move, drag and drop it to your desired location:


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