Editing a published policy

In a published policy, you have the ability to modify the following components:

Tab Name Can Modify Cannot Modify


Name, Title, Keywords, Policy  Author

Policy Sections:
Title, Description, Policy Create  Date, Edit policy content/file, Add  or remove section


Response Options

Add or remove response option



Change the category assigned to the policy



Make Policy Private
Content type - Mandatory or Optional
Set Email Alert

Change Policy Image
Customer Versioning

Send to MetaEngage
Enable Time Spent
Create as attached policy
Requires User Login
Anonymous Responses
Create as GDPR Policy
Manage in Campaign
Survey Attached

Related Items

Add or remove related items




Approvals Process - Yes/No


Update Targets



Subject Line
Email Type
Email Body

Send in User's Preferred Language

Send Email Now/Send Later


After making the necessary edits to the desired component, click on Update Changes.

  • You will then be prompted to provide an audit note detailing the modification you made.
  • Following this, the policy will be updated, resulting in a minor version change.
  • It's important to note that users will not receive notifications about the update; instead, the existing policy will be seamlessly updated in the background.
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