How to customise Email Template buttons

As well as being able to customise your email templates to include your company logo and specific messaging, you can also customise the button text.

You can customise any email template found in the following sections.

  • Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Email Templates:


  • Next, choose Campaigns > Campaign Creation.
  • Once you have added in your courses, policies and/or phish templates, click on the 'Action wheel' icon in the top-left corner beside your course/phish, and then select View Email. This will bring you to the email template, (see below):


  • Once you are ready to publish a course/policy, click on the 'Email' tab which will bring you to the email template associated with that course:


  • Within any of these email template sections, scroll down to the editable section and click on the 'Source' button; you will then be shown the coding layout for the template:


  • Within the 'Source' section, look for the section in which the button text has been placed towards the bottom, for example:



  • Change the wording only to suit what you would like the button text to be, and then click on the 'Source' button again in order to return to the main text to view your edit. Example of edit below:



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