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How to Clear Cache and Cookies

If you are experiencing issues on the platform, the first thing you should try would be to clear your cache and your cookies.

Clearing Cache and Cookies

A. Chrome

  • Open Chrome.
  • At the top right, click the customise option:More
  • Select More tools>Clear browsing data.
  • At the top, choose a 'Time range'. To delete everything, select All time.
  • Next to 'Cookies and other site data' and 'Cached images and files': check both of these boxes.


  • Click Clear data.

B. Firefox

  • Open Firefox: click the Menu button  Fx89menuButton, and select Settings.

  • Select the Privacy & Security panel.
  • In the 'Cookies and Site Data' section, click Clear Data.
  • Remove the check mark in front of 'Cookies and Site Data'.
  • With 'Cookies and Site Data' and 'Cached Web Content' check marked, click the Clear button.


C. Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge, and select the 'Menu' icon (three dots at the top right-hand corner of the browser.)

  • Next, click Settings>Privacy & Services.

  • Under 'Clear browsing data', select Choose what to clear.

  • Select the check box for both 'Cached images and files' and 'Cookies and other site data'. Then select Clear.

D. Safari

  • Click the Safari button in your Menu bar, and navigate to Preferences:


  • Click the 'Privacy' tab and select Manage Website Data:


  • Click 


Opening an Incognito Window

A. Chrome

  • On your computer, open Chrome.
  • At the top right, click the customise optionMore.
  • Then, with the drop-down menu, click the arrow signifying New incognito window or press Ctrl + Shift + N.
  • A new window appears.  At the top corner, check for the 'Incognito' icon Incognito.

B. Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge, select the Settings and More icon, and then New InPrivate window.


C. Firefox

Open a new 'Private Window' from the Firefox menu.

  • Click the Menu button Fx57Menu and then click New Private Window or Ctrl + Shift + P
  • The 'Private Browsing' home page will open in a new window. However, if you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to Support for assistance.

D. Safari

  • Click File>New Private Window, or press + + N.