What is 'SCORM Transfer'?

SCORM Transfer simply enables you to utilise Fusion Courses outside of MyCompliance. 

  • A SCORM Transfer course is first created within the Fusion Course Creator by a MyCompliance Administrator, and then exported from MyCompliance as a small SCORM file.


Fusion is the MetaCompliance Course Creator tool that provides you with the ability to create your own courses using both MetaCompliance content, which is available in multiple languages, combined with your own videos, policies and PDF documents as required.

This provides you with extensive flexibility in creating your own unique courses before uploading these to an alternative LMS for use. MetaCompliance administrators can take time to create and construct all required elements of the Fusion course within MyCompliance before exporting as a SCORM Transfer Course. Information on how to create a Fusion course can be found here.

When using the new functionality, a SCORM file will be created by the MyCompliance platform and transferred to the corporate LMS via a download option.

Once the file has been transferred to the corporate LMS, you will be able to assign and notify end users via the normal corporate LMS methods. It is important to note that an active internet connection is required to enable the course to play for end users.

All reporting will be available as standard within your LMS; however, if required, we can also enable the reporting to be available on the MyCompliance platform. For this option, please speak to your Onboarding or Customer Success Manager.

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