How to alert managers when staff do not complete assigned Policies, Courses or Surveys

Within the platform, and on the relevant Monday, assigned Supervisors and Managers can be alerted if the staff they manage have not completed their assigned content on time.

Once enabled, all required Supervisors and Supervisor Managers will receive an email outlining the staff who are currently uncompliant. Users will appear on this list if they have received all email alerts and have not completed the content (Send Now), or if the content assigned to them has been available for 30 days and is still not completed (Send Later).

  • To enable this functionality, navigate to Settings > Notifications > Alerts > Management Emails > Enable Email Alerts.

Additional configurations settings are available to allow you to further customise the recipients and the content of the email.

  1. Send Email To - By default, this option is set to both 'Supervisor & Supervisor Manager'. However, this can be adjusted so that only the user's direct Supervisor will be alerted.
  2. Email Frequency - By default, this option is set to 'Monthly'. However, this can also be adjusted to send the email on a weekly basis instead.
  3. Content Type - By default, both 'Mandatory' & 'Optional' will be selected. However, one of these can be omitted as required.

Example email available below. This email can be customised by navigating to Settings > Notifications > Email Templates.

  • Locate the Supervisor Alerts email template from the 'Choose Template' drop-down and make any required updates.


  • Supervisors can be assigned to Email-based & Federated users within the User Management Area. 
    • For SCIM Users, this will be completed at your Identity Provider level. 
    • This functionality is not available to AD Sync users.

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