Can users complete Courses, Policies or Surveys without logging on to MyCompliance?

Yes, by using the Direct Access functionality, you can set up Policies, Surveys and Courses to be completed by users who currently exist within the MyCompliance platform, even if they have not yet registered their accounts. (This option can also be used by users who would prefer not to log on to the platform.)

This feature can provide several benefits for both Administrators and End Users.

  1. No requirement for users to log on to the platform, removing the need to remember their assigned username & password.
  2. End users can quickly review policies, surveys or courses if required.
  3. Less overheads used on onboarding activities and, if email-based, no requirement to request users to register their accounts.

How does Direct Access work?

  • By using this functionality, users will be sent a unique link that they must follow to access their assigned content. As this link is personalised to the user, the requirement for them to authenticate on MyCompliance is subsequently removed.
  • When accessing a Direct Access link, users will not be logged on to MyCompliance and, as a result, they will be unable to navigate to other areas of the platform. They will only be able to review and complete the policy, survey or course contained within their unique link.
  • Once the user completes the policy, survey or course contained within the link, that unique link will then expire and can no longer be accessed. However, if required, users can still log on to the MyCompliance Platform using their assigned credentials to review the content again.

When a user completes their assigned policy, survey or course via this method, they will receive the following message:


How to send users a Policy, Survey or Course via Direct Access

Step 1: Enable 'Direct Access for Unregistered Users' System Setting (Optional)

Depending on your organisation's preference, you may wish to enable users to review and complete their assigned policy, survey or course without first having to register their MyCompliance account. This is possible when using the 'Direct Access for Unregistered Users' option within 'Company Edit'.

  • To enable this option, navigate to Settings > Company Edit
  • Enable the Direct Access for Unregistered Users switch; click Confirm on the warning message, and then, select Save Changes.

Note: This is optional, as you can either choose to use this method, or request that users register their accounts first. Registration is not required when SSO has been set up.



Step 2: Deselect 'Requires User Login' Option

When creating your policy, survey or course, deselect the 'Requires User Login' checkbox. For each type, this option can be located on the below tabs:

  • Course – 'Type' tab
  • Policy – 'Options' tab
  • Survey – 'Survey' tab


  • Once you have finalised all required options, you can proceed to select Publish.
  • Targeted users will now receive an email direct to their inbox with a unique link to the assigned policy, survey or course.
  • Note: When using this option, all standard reporting and email reminders still apply.


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