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What are 'Campaign Templates'?

The MetaCompliance Campaign Templates have been designed to help you communicate key training to your users on an ongoing basis. We recommend that you follow a consistent approach with your Awareness campaign; therefore, the templates contain a range of Fusion courses and simulated phishing emails.
Our recommended best practice is to send a course covering a different topic each month to all staff, and then follow this up with a simulated phish.

There are currently 16 Campaign templates available, covering a range of different & important topics. 

  1. New Starts (English only)
  2. Cyber Security Awareness (English only)
  3. C-Level Cyber Security Training (English only)
  4. Cyber & Information Security Awareness Campaign Template (Core Languages)
  5. Cyber Police Season 1 (English Only)
  6. Cyber Police Season 1 (Core Languages)
  7. Cyber Police Season 1 (Extended Languages)
  8. Cyber Police Season 2 (English Only)
  9. Cyber Police Season 2 (Core Languages)
  10. Cyber Police Season 2 (Extended Languages)
  11. Departmental Campaign: HR (English Only)
  12. Departmental Campaign: HR (Extended Languages)
  13. Departmental Campaign: Marketing (English Only)
  14. Departmental Campaign: Marketing (Extended Languages)
  15. Departmental Campaign: Finance (English Only)
  16. Departmental Campaign: Finance (Extended Languages)

Navigate to Campaigns > Campaign Templates to view the available Templates.



To avail of these templates, please speak to your MetaCompliance Representative.