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How Do I Install the MyCompliance Teams App for All Users?

Technical Prerequisites

To utilise the MyCompliance Teams App, you must have the following prerequisites in place:

  • Office 365 with Single Sign-On configured
  • Microsoft Teams
  • AD Sync or User Provisioning with SSO configured on the MyCompliance Platform

Installation Steps

If you have received an installation file from the MetaCompliance Support Team, and you meet the required prerequisites, follow the steps below. If not, please speak with the MetaCompliance Support Team for further information.


  • Next, select Upload:


  • Select your 'MyCompliance' zip folder to proceed with the upload:


Depending on your policy configuration, everyone may have access to the application by default. For more information on how to restrict the application for specific users, see:

Automatically Install MetaCompliance Teams App to All Users

  • Navigate to - Teams Apps>Setup policies.
  • One option to install the app for all users is to add the App to the Global (Org-wide default) policy.
  • Change the policy to reflect what's shown below, and click Save.


  • To configure the app to install for a select number of users, you will need to create a custom policy.

For more details around this, see: