UK GDPR titles available on MyCompliance

Our 17 UK GDPR titles are now available. The following trailer video below gives an overview of the full UK GDPR series. 

A lot has happened since our original GDPR eLearning series was released in 2018. Data protection continues to be important to UK organisations; however, since Brexit, there has been a level of confusion as to how the UK implementation of GDPR varies from the EU’s version.  

While the UK Government has announced a review into the UK’s privacy laws, we appreciate that our customers have a requirement to inform and educate their staff on the current regulation. As such, we are pleased to release the first of 17 titles that will address your UK GDPR training requirements. This batch of GDPR-specific titles will be comprised of 11 sharp and engaging Nano videos, as well as 6 informative interactions.

With a focus on the UK’s specific privacy requirements, these titles will enable you to deliver current and informative training to your employees. The training will be released in two stages, with the remaining 16 coming in February, 2022. 


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