How to add a new Incident via the Register

You cannot guarantee that all of your Incidents will be reported by staff via the 'Report Incident' tile on their home page; therefore, MetaIncident allows admins to add new or historic Incidents directly into the Incident register that may have been raised through other forms, such as email, telephone or via the Service Desk.

  • To add a record via a register, navigate to Incident > Registers > Incident.
  • You will be presented with a list of the existing records currently stored within the register, if any. 
  • Click on Actions > Create New at the top right of the register: 



  • Enter a name for the record, and respond to any of the other fields across the various sections or tabs within the record. (You can also link to any other evidence records via the 'Related Items' tab.)
  • Click on the green 'Save' button, and the record will be added to the register.
    • New records can also be added from this page by clicking the red 'Create New' button.
    • (The example below shows a 'Laptop lost on train' Incident record being added to the Incident Register.) 


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