How do I add a Related Item via the Incident Register?

***Please note, adding Related Items via the Register view is only available for incidents added before 23rd April 2022.***

Related Items can be added either via Registers or via an Incident Assessment. This article deals with adding a Related Item via a Register.

Via Registers

  • Navigate to Incident > Reported Incidents and click the 'View' button beside an incident, and click the 'Related Items' tab. You will be presented with a list of related registers which may already have Related Items linked.
  • Add a Related Item: Click on the related register name > Click, scroll or search for the relevant related record > Select the 'Add Register Link' button. 
  • (The example below shows an Incident record being linked to an Attachment record.)


  • Before exiting, remember to click the green 'Save' button (top right). 


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