How to give an end user feedback on Fusion Course quizzes

Within a Fusion Course, there are two quiz types:

  • Embedded Quiz: a pre-built quiz linked to a MetaCompliance Nano video
  • Standalone Quiz: create your own quiz with custom questions and answers

We recommend that you include one or both quiz types in your Fusion Course, as this can help to ensure end users are trained on the course topic.

The additional options shown below can also be included within your quiz to help end users understand how they have performed.

1.  Show Summary

Adding this option to your Fusion Course will present a final Summary page to the end user, once they have completed a quiz. The summary will help the end user to understand how they scored within the quiz by showing a full overview of all quiz questions, the answers they submitted, and whether these were correct or incorrect. 

This option is available for both Standalone and Embedded quizzes.

2.  Set Passmark

You can assign a passmark that your users must achieve before they can successfully complete the course. If the user does not achieve the required mark, and if the 'Show Summary' option has been enabled, they can review the answers they submitted in the previous attempt, and then retry the quiz.

3.  Show Correct Answers

Selecting this option will display the correct answer for each question. End users can review the information, and if a passmark has been assigned, they can retry the quiz again.

This is an optional feature that you can choose to include within the 'Quiz Summary' for both the Standalone and Embedded Quizzes.

  • An example of the summary when an end user passes a quiz:

  • An example of the summary when an end user fails a quiz:

  • If you would like to include these options within your Fusion Course, first follow the steps in this article to create the course.
  • Then, to enable the options for the Embedded & Standalone quizzes, follow the appropriate steps below.

A. Embedded Quiz

  • Select the 'Include Quiz' checkbox on the required Nano video followed by Set Passmark if required.
  • Next, select Show Summary and Show Correct Answers:

B. Standalone Quiz 

  • When customising your quiz, select Show Summary and Show Correct Answers.
  • To assign a passmark, select Set Passmark, and enter your preferred percentage:


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