Outlook Android: Office 365 Web Add-in Workflow

Once the Outlook Web Add-in is published via the O365 Admin console, users have access to the add-in within the Android MS Outlook App.

  • From within the email, the end user selects the '3 Dots/Ellipsis' icon (highlighted below) to report it, and clicks the 'Phish Mail' icon:


  • On first use, the user must authenticate to Azure AD (Standard O365 credentials):


  • The user now needs to confirm they are happy to report the email as a phishing email. (The text will differ depending on setting.) 

Below is a sample message that could be displayed if a user accidentally reported an email from their own company domain.

  • At this point, if it has been clicked in error, the customer can cancel.


  • The user is then prompted with a confirmation message to confirm the successful reporting of the email:


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