City Factory Productions™ Guide

What is City Factory Productions™?

The modern computer user consumes information from so many types of medium from Netflix series, Instagram reels, to YouTube videos. We have all become very comfortable curating our own method of consuming videos, film and education.

This means that dull, boring, corporate Security Awareness Training seems very different to what people are used to and what they would prefer.

Also, by its nature, security awareness and compliance are difficult subjects for employees. The skillsets required to develop suitable eLearning, such as story telling, high-quality design and film production are rarely used to improve user experience of security training.

In a recent survey, 85% of respondents stated that they would be more likely to take cyber security eLearning if it was engaging. (Absolute Market Research October 2021)


The Mission of City Factory Productions™

Focused on employee engagement, the team at City Factory Productions™ are building eLearning and interactions aimed at increasing user satisfaction and reducing employee resistance to participating in cyber security and compliance education. 

It will achieve this aim by pushing the boundaries of design, film making and gamification. In addition to increasing employee attention, the content will benefit from interesting, alternative and sometimes humorous storylines.

City Factory Productions™ creates eLearning with personality. It is education that is modern, exciting, sometimes hilarious, but never dull. By having a personality that the majority of people can relate to, we are seeking to bring the human element into these subjects. 

Our team of world-leading animators, film makers, psychologists, copywriters and educational designers have been tasked with pushing the boundaries to increase participation, get real engagement and speak to people in a language they can relate to. 

Our new production team will produce up to twelve high-quality learning and interaction products as part of a premium annual subscription. In addition, each new learning product will have an additional option of being available in up to 16 languages.

This can also be exported for use within a customer's corporate LMS or can be accessed through the MyCompliance LMS.

Does the new subscription come as part of my existing MetaLearning eLearning Library?

City Factory Productions™ was initiated as a separate development project within MetaCompliance with a view to adopt high-end animation and film-making skills into security awareness eLearning. The production of this content is much slower, more expensive and requires significantly more animation, design and eLearning development. 

Also, due to the personality focus of the content, it is aimed at a more mature customer who recognises the challenge of User Engagement. 

Therefore, a City Factory Productions™ subscription is an additional cost to a MetaLearning eLearning subscription.   

Please contact your Customer Success account manager for more details.

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