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Register Management - How Do I Move Register Fields Between Tabs and Sections?

To move a register field between tabs, you should first navigate to Tools > Privacy > Register Management, and click on the 'Edit' button beside the relevant register. 

  • On the field you are looking to move (to another tab), click on the 'Arrow' icon:


A list of the other tabs within the register will appear. 

  • Select the relevant tab that you want to move the field to, and then click Move Field
  • Click Confirm on the message confirmation message that appears:


The field will then appear within the top section of the tab. 

  • If required, you can then move the field to another section within the tab by clicking and holding the '4 Arrows' icon (as shown):


  • Then, drag/drop the field into the relevant section:


Before exiting Register Management, please remember to click the green 'Save Register' button, located at the top and bottom right of the page, to ensure all changes take effect: