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7 Steps to Consider when Launching a Campaign

  1. Has internal comms been sent to staff? Did it include the following?
  • Instructions on how the users will access the platform.
  • What sender address to expect notification emails from.
  • Have expectations been set on the type of content they will receive, and how often they will be targeted?

Note: Examples of internal comms methods include Teams, Yammer, Slack, Email, Webinars/Video Meeting and Blog post.

  1. Has the target audience been identified? Target audience examples are:
  • New Starters
  • Departmental, e.g. Finance, Senior Executives etc.
  • All Staff
  • At Risk Users/Phish victims
  1. How often do you plan to target users with content?
  • Monthly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Quarterly

Note: Shorter eLearning courses can be targeted more frequently, while targeting users on a quarterly basis can allow for longer eLearning courses with more content.

  1. Has allowlisting been completed? Have content notification emails been customised?
  • Allowlisting requirements can be sent by either the Onboarding or Customer Success Managers.
  1. Has the content been decided/approved?
  • Have you included your Fusion Intro video?
  • Is there any custom content that needs to be uploaded?
  1. Is a Pilot required before going live?
  • Who is the Pilot group?
  • What is the Pilot content?
  • When is the Pilot to be published/completed by?
  1. When is the official Launch Date?
  • Set expectations to ensure the above steps are completed before this date.
  • Ensure users are aware or are reminded that content will be arriving on a chosen date.
  • Ensure users understand where to direct any queries on issues, e.g. IT Support.
  • Add any deadlines/consequences of noncompliance to notification emails.
  • Add weekly reminders (optional).


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