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How Do I Navigate the Platform as an End User?

When an end user logs in to MetaCompliance, they will be notified of any Policies, Surveys or Courses they have outstanding/available to complete:


  • To directly access any of these, simply click on the appropriate arrow.

The Home page shows the options a user has when they log in to MetaCompliance:


  • The user will then be able to access their 'completed' and 'not yet completed' Policies, Surveys and Courses by clicking on the appropriate tile:


  • The Compliance Library tile, which is also available on the left-hand menu, provides a full menu directory of available Policies, eLearning and Courses:


  • A User Status Report is also available from the Home screen and is a breakdown of 'Complete' and 'Not Complete' content:



This is also available on the 'Reporting' tab on the left-hand menu.

The Report Incident tile will also be available if 'Incident' is enabled on MetaCompliance.  This allows users to alert their organisation by capturing and recording incidents in a comprehensive management system.

Also an end user can view their profile and make changes, such as selecting their preferred language to take content in.

Please see the attached article on this: Can Users Add their Preferred Language to MyCompliance?