How do I send Campaign content to end users?

To send content to a user, you must first create that piece of content, whether it be a Policy, Survey, Phish, Course or Blog. 

When the content has been created, you must select it from the 'Choose by Type' drop-down, and then select the specific piece of content that you created.


  • When you add your step into the Campaign, you must allocate a date/time for the piece of content to go live:


When you are ready to publish steps out to your end users:

  • You must click into the 'Targeting' tab and then select the users from the 'Target' search bar.
    • You may have department groups created, so you can target specific groups or select all staff. 
  • Finally, click Publish Changes in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and the content will be delivered at the date/time you have allocated.
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