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MetaEngage Prerequisites

MetaEngage Client Prerequisites 

To ensure that MetaEngage runs successfully on a user’s machine, we recommend that the following requirements are met:

  • Operating System: Windows 8 or later
  • Browser specification: Edge or later
  • PDF Reader: latest version of Adobe Reader
  • Minimum of 4GB of RAM and Core i5 (Recommended 8GB RAM and Core i7)

The MetaEngage client is a small MSI that should be rolled out to all required users within your organisation. Please inform the MetaCompliance Support Team if you require a Citrix-compatible MetaEngage client.

Installation Components

  • Single MSI package – only one installation needed*
  • Requires admin access for installation
  • MetaEngage Desktop Client executable
  • Windows Service executable

*After installation, if the client has an internet connection, subsequent updates will occur automatically as and when they become available.*

Policy Delivery Prerequisites

User Identification

  • Client makes an LDAP (port 389) connection to retrieve current user's UPN.
  • If unable to make an LDAP connection, i.e. not on corporate network, the UPN will be created using keys from the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Volatile Environment.
  • The UPN will be stitched together using the username and userdnsdomain keys.
  • Important: If the values of these keys do not match the user's UPN, they cannot receive enforced content when a connection to AD cannot be established.
  • Network access to the following endpoints:  

Browser Specification

  • Edge or later
  • PDF Reader – latest version of Adobe Reader
  • If Java is installed, ensure it has been updated to the latest version. (Policy window uses IE which triggers Java Updater and prompts to update if not the latest version.)

Delivery of Updates

Update Schedule

General – Communication sent to customer 1 month prior of release.

Critical – Communication sent to customer 48 hours prior of release.

  • Network access (HTTPS) to the following endpoint:
  • Client will update automatically when the machine is restarted, or the user logs out and back in again. AV/FW rules may need to be applied to allow the automatic update functionality.

Non-Auto Update


  • Watcher Removed – If a user quits the MetaEngageClient.exe process, the process will not automatically restart unless either started manually, the machine is restarted, or the user logs out and back in again. This could have a direct impact on adoption numbers.
  • Updates – Since updates to the API and client are directly related, it is necessary that the customer updates the client with every release. Customers will be notified as detailed in Section 4, 'Delivery of Updates'.
    • MetaCompliance will not be held responsible for a mismatch in client/API version.


  • Recommended Dual Core Support per Citrix Session.
  • Citrix client operates identical to the Non-Auto Update version; necessary updates are rolled out when released.