MetaLearning 6.0 - How to create a Pre-test

Once you have created your Fusion Course, the system will prompt you with the following message:


  • To create the Pre-test, select Yes, Add Pre-test. Your Pre-test will now be added to your course, and you can customise this by selecting View/Edit Pre-Test.


  • All questions that have been added or enabled within your Fusion course will now be available in your Pre-test Question Bank for selection.

Proceed with the steps below to customise your Pre-test.

  1. Select your default Language from the 'Language' drop-down.


  2. Customise the Introduction Text if required.
  3. Set a Pass Mark.
  4. Enter the number of attempts each user should have to complete the Pre-test in the 'No. of Allowed Attempts' field.
  5. Of the available questions in your Question Bank, select the number you would like to display to users in the 'No. of Displayed Questions' field.
  6. If you want to shuffle the questions for each user, then check the Shuffle Questions checkbox.
  7. Now, select the questions you would like to be included; note, all are selected by default.


  8. If required, you can also add new, additional questions to the Pre-test by selecting +Add Question below your previously added questions.
  9. For any new questions you have added, insert the required translations by selecting Add/Edit Translation(s).

  10. Once complete, select Save Pre-test.
  • You can now proceed to publish the Course via your preferred method.
  • Once published, a Pre-test will appear as below to end users when they launch the course.


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