Announcing the platform within your organisation

There are various methods to announce or launch the platform internally to staff. Examples of how existing MetaCompliance customers have done this are detailed below.

  • MetaCompliance Blog: All customers have the 'Blogs' feature available to send to their staff via Campaigns. Many customers have created a news article or a blog post to highlight the launch of the MyCompliance Cloud platform.
  • Webinar/Video Communication: Having a Senior Executive record a message to camera can be an effective way to launch the platform and ensure staff understand the importance of their participation.
  • Company Messaging Platform (Teams, Slack, Yammer etc.): Posting an announcement on a regularly used company platform, such as Teams, is a quick and easy way to inform staff of the new platform launch.
  • Email Communication: A lot of our customers will send a mass email to all staff with information about the platform, and set expectations of staff participation.

The MetaCompliance Customer Team is available to further discuss any of the above options, and to provide guidance and examples of options that have worked for similar customers in your industry.

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