What happens post Onboarding?

  1. When you have completed the Onboarding Checklist discussed during your Welcome Call - which will include full training on all purchased modules, assistance with creating & publishing a pilot and guidance on how to successfully launch your Awareness Campaign - your Onboarding Representative will then schedule a Customer Success Handover Call.
  2. This call is when the Onboarding Representative will provide an overview of all achievements and tasks completed during the Onboarding project, and formally introduce you to your assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM).
    • The Onboarding Rep now takes a step back from this project, and the Customer Success Manager will become the main point of contact for MetaCompliance going forward.
  3. Your CSM will schedule quarterly check-ins with you to ensure you are continuing to see value from using the platform.
    • They will escalate any issues if required and can take relevant product feedback to the Product Management Team.
    • They will also keep you informed of all new features and functionality released on the platform. 

If you have any queries on additional licences or other commercial products, at any stage during your subscription, your CSM will be the best person to speak to on these matters.

Customer Success Managers will also be able to provide best-practice advice, and can provide examples of how other customers similar to your company size and industry are currently utilising the platform, and what is working best for them.


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