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What are the Different MetaPrivacy Permissions/Roles?

MetaPrivacy Roles: There are four main roles available within the MetaPrivacy tool.

1. Data Protection Officer (DPO) will be the person(s) within the organisation who will have full administrative access to the site, enabling them to deliver Privacy Assessments, policies and eLearning to employees, as well as to customise assessments and view reporting.

2. Reviewers will review the Privacy Assessments and, based on the user’s response, will provide further information if required.  When assigned as a Reviewer of a program, the 'Privacy Reviews' tile will be enabled on the end user homepage.  Any permission type can be assigned as a reviewer of a program.

3. Data Champions will be assigned Privacy Assessments using the 'Data Champion' permission.  A separate Privacy Assessment can be completed for each Personal Data Processing Activity they undertake.  If required, Champions can have elevated permissions to access the registers to create and update their own records only.

4. Program Owners will be assigned to individual programs, using the 'Business User' permission so that they can assume responsibility of its completion.  The Program Owner will also have visibility over completed assessments, created Processing Activities and any assigned risks/task within the program.  Program Owners will not be able to see other programs they don't own.


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