How to publish a Fusion Course

If you are publishing a Fusion course directly from the 'Fusion Course Creation' section, then most of the required fields below will already be prepopulated.

Continue with these steps to publish a Fusion course to your users.

A. Course

  • Assign a Course Name and Description.
  • Add or edit the Keywords. These are used within the MyCompliance Library to assist users in locating assigned content.
  • Determine if the course is to be Private or Public.
    • By default, the 'Private' option will be ticked, as this allows the Admin to target users with a course, and only the selected users will be able to access that course.
    • If this option is unticked, the course will be public and can be viewed by all users within the Compliance Library.
  • Determine if the course should be part of a Campaign. If selected, the 'Target' and 'Email' tabs will be removed as these are managed within your Campaign instead.
  • Select a relevant Category.
  • Upload an image or use one of the prepopulated images. This image is visible to targeted users within the MyCompliance Library.

B. Type

  • Select Fusion Course from the 'Course Type' drop-down.
  • If you would like the course to be available to users without the need to log in to the MyCompliance platform, then uncheck the 'Requires User Logon' checkbox.
  • If you have purchased MetaEngage, then you will see a 'Send to MetaEngage' checkbox. Selecting this option will send the course to the user's desktop. 
  • You have the option to assign a Completion Certificate to users who have successfully passed the course. If you want to enable this, select MyCompliance Cloud from the drop-down.
  • Locate the Fusion Course you would like to send to your users from the 'Fusion Course' drop-down. 
  • Determine if the course is to be 'Mandatory' or 'Optional' for end users.
  • If you would like this course to be sent to users on a yearly basis, then select the 'Recur on Anniversary' checkbox.

C. Target

You can now target users with the Fusion course via the 'Target' tab. This page will appear differently depending on which User Management option you have opted for.

  • Email-based & Federated Users: For both of these user types, you can either select individual users or full user groups* for targeting. 
  • * If you tick a top-level group, all users within that group will be targeted with the course. This means that any new users who join the group will also be automatically targeted. *


  • SCIM Users: You can select which users to target by ticking the box beside the user’s name. The User List can also be filtered using the options above, such as 'Department', 'Group Name' etc.
  • If you have SCIM Groups on the platform, the 'Target' section can be toggled to ‘Groups’ to view these.


  • AD Users - Active Directory: Users added via the Active Directory sync will appear in a tree structure; this will reflect your Organisation's Active Directory.
    • You can select individual users or a full OU to be targeted with the course.
  • User groups cannot be used for AD users; however, you can target Collectives.


D. Email

On the final tab, you can customise the email that will be sent to the users to alert them that they have been targeted with a course. We recommend customising this email with your organisation's logo.

  • Once you have customised the email, determine if you would like the email to be sent to users now - 'Send Now' - or at a later time - 'Send Later'.
  • When you have selected all of the required options, you can then proceed to Publish the Fusion course to your targeted users.
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