What is a 'Pre-test'?

If you have decided to include a quiz, a 'Pre-test' is a useful tool that you can also add to your Fusion Course.

  • This is an optional element that end users can choose to complete if they feel confident that they have the required background knowledge, as opposed to doing the full Fusion Course.
  • You can determine how many questions are required to be completed in the pre-test, what the Pass Mark is, and how many attempts end users will have at completing the quiz.

If a user successfully completes the Pre-test, then they are not required to complete the full Fusion Course; they will automatically be marked as 'Complete'. However, if the user does not successfully complete, then they must complete the full Fusion Course instead.

A Pre-test is a useful option for users with limited time to complete their assigned courses, as they will still receive all of the benefits of the course. However, they still must display their understanding of the course topics in order to pass the quiz.

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