Can I create my own phish landing page?

Yes, if required, you can create your own form to link with your phish templates. You have the option to create a brand-new form to suit your needs, or to edit an existing form.

To do this, navigate to Step 2 Phish Content within the 'Phish Creation' option.

1. Adding a Landing Page to a Template

  • Select your template, and click Yes on Attach Form Data and then select Preview/Edit Form:


  • You can now begin to edit the suggested form:


2. Adding a Landing Page to a 'Create your own Phish'

You can select from the 'Available Forms' section and either choose to use the form as is, or customise using the 'Basic' or 'Advanced' customisation options.


  • Basic Customisation: This option will allow you to upload a logo, but only to the selected form.
  • Advanced Customisation: Allows you to customise the entire form as required. Follow the guidelines available within the Form Editor when choosing this option.

3. Create a New Form

  • Select the 'Custom' option, and click Preview/Edit Form:


  • The Custom Form Editor will now open, allowing you to create your form. Ensure you follow the set guidelines when creating a new form.


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