What is the 'MyCompliance Library'?

The 'MyCompliance Library', available to all users, contains all content that is currently targeted to the user, alongside all Public content, with extensive filtering and search options included.

  • To view the Compliance Library, select your Profile at the top, right corner, and select End User View.


  • Once you have switched to the End User View, you can select the Compliance Library on the left navigation menu or via the central tiles.


  • End users can easily navigate within the Library to identify any outstanding content to be completed, whilst also being able to revisit any previously completed content.  


  • If a user is fully up to date on all assigned content, all content will be moved to the 'Content Catalogue' area, and they will receive the following message:


Content Catalogue

The Content Catalogue can be used to revisit any Public or already completed content. Previously completed content will be annotated by a green 'tick' icon.

End users can filter their view within the Library using the following options:

  • Filter: Title - Enter the specific title of the content.
  • Filter: Tag - Enter the specific tag linked to the content.
  • Category: Select an Organisational Category to refine all content linked to this category.


  • Playbooks: Review & refine a collection of linked Policies. 


  • Tags: Select relevant tags to filter content. (The top 20 tags used by your company will be available.)
  • Mandatory or Optional: Refine based on content requirement.
  • Content Type: Refine content by Course, Policy, Survey, Video or Podcast.
  • Publish Date: Refine by Year.

When any of the above options have been used, the Content Catalogue will be updated to reflect the selection.

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